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Tired of tweezing, waxing, shaving?
Commit to a permanent solution.


You may like electrology if:


  • If you have any color hair including dark, white, red or blond hairs.


  • If your skin is any color.


  • If you want your eyebrows done.


  • If you have a lot of blonde peach fuzz.


  • If you want guaranteed results.

Laser IPL Hair Removal

You may like laser IPL hair removal:


  • If your hair color is dark  and your skin is light.


  • If you have a large area you want treated  such as bikini, underarms, legs, etc.


  • If you have a dense amount of hair in an area.

Electrologist and Certified Laser Tech
Licensed Esthetician
June Allen R.E., CPE


As a seasoned electrologist, Permanence is my trademark. Utilizing the latest equipment technology,   skills, and magnification, I will help you to achieve permanent results  as quickly as possible.

Effective, quality and comfortable treatments.

Voted Best Electrolysis 2007 through 2019 by  Market Surveys of America
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