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 FAQ   Electrolysis

Will it hurt?

Most clients find the treatment to be more comfortable than they had anticipated.  You do not feel the probe being inserted but you will feel the application of the current. Each hair treated feels like a slight pick. With our newest equipment, most former clients find it more comfortable than in the past and the results are amazing.

Sensation varies dependent on the size and location of the hair being treated. We have many options to make your treatment as comfortable as possible and they will be discussed during your consultation. Communication is the key, talk to your electrologist.

A trial application is an option before commencing with the complete treatment.



Is the procedure safe?

Electrology has been around for  over 100 years. Massachusetts has the most stringent licensing in the country. Our office adheres to the recommended Sanitation and Sterilization procedures formulated by the AEA with the CDC. Our office uses only pre sterilized individual probes. After use, they are disposed of in a sealed sharps container. We use non latest gloves for each individual. All our tweezers and probe tips are cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner with protein disolving enzymes and then packed in individual test tubes and baked in our sterilizing oven.

There are absolutely no cases of anyone getting any communicable diseases via electrolysis treatments.

When can I get back to work?

Some individuals actually return to work following a treatment on their lunch time. For very intense growth and treatment, some individuals prefer to wait till the next day.


How long does it take?

The treatments are scheduled in 15 minute increments. The amount of time needed for your treatment depends on the amount of hair and the area you are getting treatment. An average treatment for an upper lip is fifteen minutes, eyebrows can be fifteen  and  30 minutes for very full brows.


Am I suitable?

Electrology is Universal so any hair color and skin color can be treated. There are a few medical reasons that may not allow you to have treatments and some health issues that require a doctors note. These are all revealed on the health history during the consultation. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me in advance.




When can I wear makeup?

We recommend avoiding applying makeup to the area treated for 24 to 48 hours as the pores are open and we do not want bacteria to get in.

I have hyperpigmentation in the area of the hairs, will it do anything for that?

If the hyperpigmentation of the skin is often caused by trauma such as  ingrown hairs that are caught under the skin.  That can be a result of tweezing and waxing and distortion of the follicle. It can also be caused by curly hairs that re enter the skin which is often a problem with black skinned individuals.  Once the hairs are released and treated, with time, the hyperpigmentation should be a thing of the past.

However, if the pigmentation is hormonally stimulated, removing the hair will not get rid of the pigmentation. The pigmentation must be addressed separately.

I have major ingrowns in my bikini area. It is so bad that I cannot shave and avoid bathing suits. Any solution?

Yes, again the ingrown hairs will be release with sterile tweezers and then treated. If your hair is dark enough, I would recommend our Laser IPL. Many clients have had amazing results.

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