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Before Laser IPL:

  • Stop tweezing, waxing, or pulling out the hair in any way for one month before your treatment.

       This can be a most difficult first step but is worth the hassle.

       You may trim or shave in between treatments.


  • If it is an area you are shaving, do not shave for two to three days to allow a visible growth so the operator can see the true color and texture of the hair to be treated. It also makes it easier to see random hairs. Dark hair is the best target. The laser IPL does not see red, white or blond hairs so electrology would be the best solution for those hairs.


  • Positively NO TANNING.

       You must be out of the sun and tanning beds for a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks.

       Develop a habit of consistently using an SPF30 or greater. 


  • No sunless tanning lotion for at least a couple weeks prior.

        Any fresh pigmentation on the skin will attract the IPL light and could result

        in a burn or blister. Be sure to exfoliate well.


  • When scheduling your treatment. If you are having your bikini area treated, try to schedule so you are not having your menses when you come in. 

        If you are pregnant, we will not do laser IPL on you until after delivery.


  • If you have Herpes I or Herpes II, a prophylactic is required before treatment.

        The IPL will not give you herpes but if you have the virus in your skin, IPL can                  bring it out just like the sun does.

If You are pregnant

Please postpone your laser/IPL treatments until after delivery or switch to electrolysis with the shortwave modality. If any questions, just call me or check with your physician. With shortwave, the energy is only in the follicle and does not travel through the body. We use exclusively disposable proves and follow the CDC standards for sanitation and sterilization. Breasts will not be treated until nursing is finished. And the abdomen will not be treated until after delivery.





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