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Laser/IPL Hair Removal


IPL Intense Pulsed Light ~ Permanent Hair Reduction

Areas treatable with laser hair removal or IPL.

If your hair is dark in color, your skin light, and you have a large volume of hair, you are going to LOVE THIS!

Comfortable, Safe and Effective.

Electrologists can now be licensed by the State of Massachusetts to provide light based treatments for hair removal along with electrolysis and with over 1100 hours of training.  It is win/win for the client, as one knows hair removal like an electrologist does. 


Hair Removal is my passion

A proven track record of extraordinary treatment results and decades of experience is my trademark.  I  recently completed more laser hair removal hours of training to fulfill the  newly updated State requirements, receiving  the new Laser Electrologist License.

Because I am passionate about what I do, I continually update my knowledge and skills. My certifications include laser hair removal and Laser IPL hair removal and I have been providing treatments for decades.  As a registered Laser Electrologist, licensed in permanent hair removal, that is my business. I can fulfill your hair removal needs completely and most cost effectively with the appropriate modality.
In my practice, you will NOT  be treated  with IPL if you are not a good candidate.  We screen you as thoroughly as possible. You appointments will be spaced at the appropriate interval to provide maximum efficacy.
Both Laser and IPL Hair Removal are considered light based technology labeled by the FDA as "Permanent Hair Reduction". It does not work on everyone. For the individuals that it does work on, I do find the IPL pretty amazing.
Who is a good candidate?
Ideal candidates for our laser IPL hair removal have lighter skin and darker hair. The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the light energy increasing the temperature of the follicle creating a thermal reaction. 
As long as the hairs are dark and the roots are dark, the laser IPL should work. A consistent series of treatments is required to complete the process.
Who is not a good candidate?
Grey, white, red and blonde hairs do not have much pigment. The laser or IPL will not create enough heat to destroy the source of growth.  
Dark skinned individuals are also not good candidates because their skin could become the target of the laser instead of just the hair follicle.
If you have had treatments elsewhere and the hairs did not fall out within a week or two after the treatment, you did not receive a successful treatment.
How many treatments does it take?
It can take from 4 to 10 treatments depending on the color of the hair, the location and how consistent you are with your treatments. Treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. 
This will be discussed in greater detail during the consultation.
Laser IPL or Electrolysis?
For larger areas and areas with dense thick hairs, laser IPL would be great as it is quick and easy. Some of our most popular areas include; bikini, underarms, legs, arms, feet and toes, faces with dense dark hairs, breast, etc. 
What do I expect during the treatment?
We will mark the area that you want treated. Hair will be shaved. You will be given appropriate protective eyewear. The skin will be chilled with our built in chiller and then the light will be pulsed through the skin. Each hair will feel like a slight pick. It is so quick you will find the treatment pretty easy.  Our system is extremely comfortable when compared to traditional laser and the results are equal if not better.
We will be looking for specific reactions to assure that you are a candidate and the hairs have been treated appropriately; 
~ You will feel the little picks.
~ The hairs will singe
~ There will be a little follicular edema around each hair that will resemble      a bug bite. 
~ If doing a large area, the area will be marked with washable marker to         assure the complete area is treated. Each pulse will overlap just a little.
Immediately following your treatment, we will calm your skin with a cool roller. Your skin may feel like a slight sunburn sensation which can last from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the area treated and the density of the hair.
Home care instructions can be found at the bottom of  this page.
Rest assured, I can definitely help to rid you of your excess hair growth problem. If you are not a candidate for our light based treatments, electrolysis would be the answer. Give me a call to discuss your options. Most people wish they had started long before they finally do. 
Electrolysis is the only licensed method  allowed by the FDA to use the term "Permanent Hair Removal" which  is universal and works on everyone. A complementary analysis and consultation will reveal your treatment options. 

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal and IPL are procedures that use the energy of a pulsed light to destroy the source of hair growth. It goes through the skin and is attracted to dark colored pigment. Once the energy is absorbed by the hair and follicle, a thermal reaction takes place that renders the follicle inactive.


What is the difference between laser and IPL?

Both laser and IPL create a thermal reaction within the hair follicle to destroy the source of growth. They are insured the same.   How the light is delivered is what is different. Laser is extremely hot and very quick narrow light pulse. IPL is not as hot and released at a slower timing and a wider pulse. This makes the treatment much more comfortable and safe. They both reach the desired tissue temperature, just with a different formula.

Laser has a round spot size and IPL is square and larger spot size.

Quite often clients come in who had previous treatments at a different business and think they had laser treatments. FYI, if it is a square spot size, it is IPL.

We find our IPL  treatments to be extremely effective and most comfortable without the need for topical anesthetics.


Are all IPL devises the same?

No, some are more powerful than others. Our equipment is one of the strongest pulsed light system in the world manufactured by an outstanding laser company. Our built in chiller and smooth pulsed system allows for more comfortable and more effective treatments.

Our hand pieces are replace regularly providing you with the most effective treatments possible.


Is it a one time thing?

No, laser hair removal and IPL, just like electrolysis, requires a series of treatments. Because of the various cycles of hair growth, all the hairs do not appear at the surface of the skin at the same time. It can take several months before all the hairs come to the surface of the skin to be treated for the first time.


How often do I have to come for treatments?

Because of the stages of hair growth, it is extremely important that your treatments are scheduled consistently to make sure all the hairs get treated at the new hair growth cycle.

For the face, treatments are scheduled  4 weeks apart. For the body, 6 weeks is recommended.


Can anyone have laser hair removal treatments?
NO. Laser hair removal and IPL is for selected individuals. It is effective on hair that contains dark pigment. It is not effective on white, blond, or red hair. Very dark skinned individuals are not candidates, although our IPL laser allows us to treat some darker skin toned clients. We would have to test patch you. If you also have white hair on the area to be treated, electrolysis is the only solution.


Can my eyebrows be treated with laser or ipl?

We can safely treat between the eyebrows but we are not allowed to treat within the orbital bone area which surrounds the eye. Our hand piece is also too large to be able to do this. Although a laser's diameter can go down to the spot size of a straw, it is highly unadvisable to use it near the eye as it could cause injury. Electrology is the only way to permanently treat the eyebrow area.


I get bad ingrown hairs. Can laser IPL help?

Yes. We have had wonderful results treating ingrown hairs. IPL works great for ingrown hairs in the bikini area, neckline, under arms, face, the list is endless. After just a couple treatments, the results are fabulous., although a series of treatments is still required to reach long lasting results.


Before we begin treatment, I release all ingrown hairs with a sterilized instrument. I utilize the same standards of sterilization and sanitation for our laser IPL treatments as I do for electrolysis.


What if I also have white hair on the area to be treated?

What good is the treatment if you still end up with white hairs? The only option for white hair is electrolysis. We often have clients who have electrolysis for the few white hairs before their laser IPL treatment.

We have also had several individuals who had laser and or IPL treatments elsewhere but were referred to us to complete the process with electrolysis.


Can the white peach fuzz on my face be treated?
In order for the light source to be attracted to it a hair, there must be dark enough pigment in hair and deeper in the hair follicle.


Only electrology treatments can permanently stop light colored hairs from regrowing.

With electrology, the color of the skin or hair does not matter.

The clients with skin tones and hair colors that do not qualify for laser can get permanent results with electrolysis, the universal method of hair removal that does not discriminate.



Q.Why do I have to wait 6 weeks between treatments for body areas (bikini, under arm, etc.) but only 4 weeks for facial areas?


A. Hair grows faster on the face than it does on the body. Because we want to get the hairs as they are new and just emerging to the surface of the skin, four weeks is best for the face.

As for body areas, if I treated you at 4 weeks instead of 6, you would  not get the best results as it takes longer for the hair to regrow on body areas.  Remember, Laser and IPL needs the target to get results. The hair present in the skin is the target. Prematurely treating at only four weeks would not allow for optimum results. 


Laser IPL treatment is best when the treatments are consistent to get the hair in the proper stage of growth to achieve the best results.

Of course it would be more convenient if you are having facial work and body work done to do it at the same time, but the  results make it worth the extra two week wait.


Rest Assured...Hair Removal is my business. I love what I do. I have been providing permanent hair removal for several decades. I know the business like no one else does. Should you need more than just laser to complete your permanent hair removal needs, we've got it.  Permanent Hair Removal since 1975.


June Allen, R.E., R.I., CPE
Certified Laser Electrologist


"Our clients are loving our  laser IPL equipment. I am so happy to be able to make such a difference in their lives!"~ J. Allen


"PCOS or hormonal issues? Our laser (IPL) with or without electrolysis is the answer. A series of four to six treatments and a reasonably priced maintenance program can change your life".



What to expect:

~ Treatments are only given after the client has had a thorough consultation.

~ Because of our patented cooling  and smooth pulse technology, our treatments are most comfortable and do not require any additional desensitizing agents as many traditional laser hair removal devices do.

~ You will first feel the cooling of the skin and then the application of the laser  light. While pain tolerance is subjective, most clients describe the feeling as "a slight sensation of little pics". It should never be too uncomfortable.

~The area to be treated will be shaved. This allows all the energy to be directed to the hair below the skin where the source of growth is located. In 1 to 3 weeks the hairs will all fall out.



~ End ingrown hair problems

~ End the need for shaving, waxing or tweezing.

~ Hair is permanently reduced. It reduces the texture and amount of the hairs.

~ No down time.


Things to know:

~ Redness may occur, but will go away a few minutes to a few hours after treatment. After treatment instructions are available.

~ If the hair problem is hormonal, an inexpensive maintenance program may be required.

~ If pregnant - no laser IPL treatments. Hair removal may continue with electrolysis.

~ Positively no tanning, sun exposure or use of sunless tanning products.

We recommend SPF30.

~ You may shave between treatments. No tweezing or waxing. The hair is the target. No hair = no target.

~ It is not effective on blond, white or red hair.

~ If you have black skin, you are not a candidate for laser IPL. Electrolysis would be your solution.

~ Expect an average of 4 - 6 treatments for facial hair and 6 - 8 treatments for body parts. If growth is hormonal, a maintenance program or electrolysis may be required.

How do I prepare for Laser IPL Hair Removal?

~ Do not wax, tweeze, or epilate for 4  weeks before first treatment. You may shave or trim with scissors.

~ Positively no tanning for 4 to 6 weeks before treatments. Recent sun exposure may delay treatments.

~ No sunless tan

~ Do use an SPF30 or greater.

~ If you have a history of herpes I or herpes II genitalia, prior to laser hair removal, prophylactic antiviral therapy is required.


HOME INSTRUCTIONS  (on this website)

Bearded Man
Beard work will often require both modalities. The neckline and the total beard can be cleared easily with the laser IPL. When beard definition is the goal, such as around the cheeks and mouth, electrolysis is the better choice because of its pinpoint accuracy to treat just one hair at a time.
IMG-6206 (1).jpg

This is an underarm marked out with

washable marker, treated, and photographed

immediately after treatment.

This underarm photo was taken a few minutes later.

Please notice the follicular edema, swelling around each fol\liicle and the singed hairs. That is what we look for when seeking an effective treatment.

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